Teen Kanya

April 25

Teen Kanya (1961), India, in Bengali with English subtitles. 114 minutes.
We will be watching two stories from this series of black and white vignettes by Satyajit Ray.
In “The Postmaster” a man leaves Calcutta to become the postmaster in a small village. A young orphan girl is set up to act as his servant, but becomes a sort of caretaker as he adapts to life in the village and the two form an unusual friendship.
In “The Conclusion”, a young man leaves Calcutta after passing his exams to spend time with his mother, who is eager for him to marry a girl of her choosing.

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Bad Girls

April 18
Bad Girls (2012), Taiwan, in Mandarin with English subtitles. 104 minutes.
Ah Dan has always hated boys, and together with her two friends she has formed the “Bad Girls”, a team that protects their fellow women and puts boys in their place. A film crew comes to her high school to shoot a romance film starring a popular male idol, Justin, and by a twist of fate, Ah Dan crashes the set and is chosen to play the lead female. She quickly realizes that there is something strange about Justin and the Bad Girls set out to uncover his secret.

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Hello Ghost

April 11
Hello Ghost (2010), South Korea, in Korean with English subtitles. 111 minutes.
After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a man finds he is being followed by four annoying ghosts who won’t leave him alone until he helps them achieve their unfulfilled dreams. He falls in love with a nurse while visiting a hospital for one of the ghosts, and starts to understand that there is more to life than he thought.

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Five Fingers of Death

April 4
Five Fingers of Death (1972), Hong Kong, in Mandarin with English subtitles. 104 minutes.
Last month marked the 40th anniversary of this Shaw Bros. film’s US release, when it sparked the martial arts movie craze. A martial arts pupil trains to enter a national tournament and end the rivalry between his and his opponent’s schools. As he trains, the two schools continue to battle each other in dazzling fight sequences as their rivalry grows stronger.

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A Deer of Nine Colors and Nezha Conquers the Dragon King

March 28

A Deer of Nine Colors (1981), China, in Mandarin with English Subtitles. 30 minutes.
Nezha Conquers the Dragon King (1979), China, in Mandarin with English Subtitles. 65 minutes.

This week we are screening two animated films from the Shanghai Animation Film Studio. In “A Deer of Nine Colors”, a magical deer helps lost travelers and forest animals but is betrayed when a greedy king insists on hunting the deer for her skin. In “Nezha Conquers the Dragon King”, Nezha, a boy born from a lotus blossom, brings the wrath of the dragon kings when he kills the son of one while trying to save a young girl. As the dragon kings begin to hurt others to get back at Nezha, he decides that he must fight them alone to end their feud.

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Empress Wu

March 14

Empress Wu (1963), Hong Kong, in Mandarin with English Subtitles. 111 minutes.
This Shaw Brothers film chronicles the life of the Empress Wu Tse Tien from her teenage years until she is an old woman. With beautifully shot images and rich costumes and sets, Wu’s impressive rise from a concubine to an empress is captured in elegant pageantry for this historical drama.

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Nowhere Man

March 7

Nowhere Man (1991), Japan, in Japanese with English Subtitles. 107 minutes.
A manga artist decides to leave his job and life behind and move away. He takes his family with him and tries to sell “art rocks” he collects from a riverbed to get by.

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